Sustainability Strategy

Long-term sustainable development

Approved by the Board of Directors in 2020, our Sustainability strategy guides Prumo’s long-term sustainable development, based on the creation of value for all its stakeholders. It also establishes guidelines to help the Company navigate the profound changes associated with the transition to a low-carbon economy, encouraging climate resilience and the search for business opportunities arising from the energy transition.

Our strategy is based on five action pillars:


Focus on operational excellence and maintenance of a safe work environment, reinforcing the zero-accident culture.

Environment and Climate

Promote the rational use of natural resources, biodiversity conservation and climate resilience

People and Community

Ensure a diverse and inclusive work environment and maximize positive socioeconomic impacts through job creation, income generation and qualification of the workforce.

Governance and Compliance

Maintain a robust compliance agenda, continually strengthening corporate governance.

Negócios Sustentáveis

Develop partnerships and new businesses with a focus on energy transition, reduction of carbon emissions and circular economy.

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Sustainability governance

Integrating ESG factors into all our businesses is a priority. To monitor the implementation of our strategy and ensure that its guidelines are deployed across all the Group’s businesses, we have established a governance structure that involves all management levels in the company.

Board of Directors

The highest management body, the Board of Directors is responsible for approving the sustainability strategy and supervising its implementation.

People and ESG Committee

Its purpose is to advise the Board in the performance of its activities related to Prumo and its subsidiaries’ businesses and to support the Company’s Executive Board in the performance of its activities.

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ESG Executive Board

Its mission is to lead the implementation of the strategy, evaluating performance indicators and the execution of priority projects and initiatives.

Sustainability Forum

Coordinated by the Executive Board and composed of representatives from all subsidiaries, the Sustainability Forum was created to monitor the group’s ESG performance and to oversee the implementation of priority initiatives, in addition to providing a space where best practices are shared.

Our Contribution in the Fight Against COVID-19

An unprecedented fight

The last two years have been marked by a tragedy unprecedented in recent human history. The COVID-19 pandemic has shed light on environmental, social and governance issues and the role that companies play in society.

To mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on our workforce, we have adopted strict health protocols in our operations and remote work for all administrative teams. Our caution proved to be correct, and we are certain that our preventive actions were of vital importance in the protection of our greatest asset: our employees.

Aware that the crisis we were facing required, more than ever, the joining of efforts between the public and private sectors and society as a whole, we created a Humanitarian Actions Committee. Our efforts were focused on 4 lines of action:

Correct, accurate information, in simple language and accessible to the greatest number of people;
Support to health professionals;
Provision of essential equipment for treatment of severe cases;
Special attention to the most vulnerable population.
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