Low Carbon Businesses

Renewable Energy Generation

Through its subsidiaries and clients located in the port complex, Prumo expands its capacity to attract investments towards an increasingly robust energy mix, by engaging in activities related to energy generation, adding to its immense potential to leverage businesses focused on energy transition.

In addition to the imminent industrialization fostered by natural gas with the construction of the largest thermoelectric park in Latin America, Porto do Açu has the vocation to serve the entire renewable energy value chain, from energy generation to equipment manufacturing and logistics.

Strategic location, environmental licensing and ideal climate conditions for the construction of offshore wind and solar energy plants

Ongoing studies for the installation of green hydrogen plants

Potential for green ammonia production from hydrogen plants

Establishment of a sustainable chemical cluster including alternative fuels derived from green ammonia, methanol and ethylene

Support for the low carbon steel industry with the pellet and HBI (hot briquetted iron) plants