We are a group of Opportunities

Driven by challenges

Our businesses are complex and dynamic. We are driven by constantly changing challenges and entrepreneurship is our engine. With ethics and integrity at the core of everything we do, we value the safety and sustainability of our businesses and promote the development of people and the community.

We value diversity & inclusion

Being part of Prumo is to experience challenges in a culture where growth and opportunities go hand in hand. It means working alongside excellent professionals, inspiring people who are references in their fields."

Mauro Andrade

Executive Director of Business Development
Working at Grupo Prumo allows me to be part of the construction of a future that can positively impact society. Here, I am passionate about my challenges, and I feel inspired to do my best, always in search of excellence!"

Thamara Chedid

Strategic Planning Analyst
I am very proud to work at Prumo because the company is committed to promoting the sustainable development of its businesses and employees as well, under principles such as integrity, authenticity, collaboration, entrepreneurship, and appreciation of diversity and inclusion."

Thaiza Abreu

Human Resources Specialist

We believe that valuing different ideas at all levels is a principle for business and people development. We work to create an empathetic and inclusive environment, where everyone has the opportunity to collaborate towards our purpose. That’s why we want people to have the freedom to be authentic and participatory.

 For us, Diversity & Inclusion drive competitiveness, innovation and business prosperity, which positively transform the reality where we operate.

The place to be yourself

Here, we are genuinely authentic. We talk about the things that matter and make difficult decisions, always respecting the diversity of ideas and opinions. We value everything that is genuine, offering a totally open space where you can be yourself.

We are a great place to work! We won the GPTW label in 2021

selo great place to work

We have modern spaces, where the future is already present in flexible work formats adapted to what’s coming next. We prioritize our team’s health, well-being and recognition through a broad package of benefits and creative environments that foster synergy and collaboration among colleagues and teams.

Identified with our values? Join us!

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