What we do

We foster businesses at the Port of Açu

At Prumo, we act as investment catalyst and the main partner for industrial, energy and infrastructure projects in the Southern Hemisphere.

Our mission is to develop a port-industry with integrated, competitive and sustainable infrastructure. Our purpose is to help the world to reduce its carbon footprint and accelerate the best of Brazil.

We bring to our businesses an integrated strategic vision, leveraged on the assets of Porto do Açu, located in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

We ensure that strategic pillars such as safety, environmental protection and compliance are incorporated into our businesses through our essence:

GOOD PEOPLE: We are a diverse, engaged and talented group with a ‘team spirit’. We want to make the difference.

PEOPLE WHO CARE: We take care of our people, develop the communities in which we operate and protect the environment. We are proud to leave a legacy for society.

PEOPLE WHO ACT: We love challenges, we make decisions and assume responsibilities, always with ethics and transparency. We are ambitious and always strive to go the extra mile.