21 -25 Vision

Always looking ahead

At Prumo, we create solutions today to develop the industry we want for tomorrow. We see the world going through a transition and we develop businesses that will help the state of Rio de Janeiro react to this reality and develop the country we want.


We are committed to real deliveries that will transform Porto do Açu into the leading world-class platform for sustainable businesses. Connected to the future, we attract the right partners to join forces in this trajectory that unfolds in the gas and energy, logistics and services, iron ore, oil and industrial segments.


Together, we do more than simply envisioning the future: We combine our energy to be part of its construction, with the first stage to take place over the next five years.

Our vision for the next five years foresees growth based on three priority and simultaneous fronts:

Expansion of natural vocations

Promotion of Industrialization

Boosting the energy transition

Expansion of

natural vocations

To expand our natural vocations,
we will consolidate the oil, gas and energy
hubs based on a regional integration strategy.

Priority projects

Development of an oil tank park and pipeline infrastructure for regional connection

Expansion of the gas-fired power generation park and connection of Açu to the pipeline network

Boosting the

energy transition

With the advance of industrialization, we will
consolidate Açu as the main connection point
between today’s energy transition projects and
the industries powered by tomorrow’s technologies.

Priority projects

Potential for the entire renewable energy value chain, from power generation to equipment manufacturing and logistics

Unique conditions for the installation of hydrogen, energy vector and industrial input plants

Creation of a chemical cluster with the establishment of chemical industries focused on cleaner basic products derived from green hydrogen

In addition to renewables and green hydrogen that drive industries with lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, pellet and HBI plants precede a large-scale, low-carbon steel industry, enabling the sector’s plans for more sustainable production


With world-class port infrastructure, an area for development close to major consumer centers, and availability of key inputs, we have at Porto do Açu unique conditions to drive industrialization and enhance its service provision capacity.

Priority projects

Complete integrated services and logistics center to meet growing subsea demand

Attracting new port terminals, diversifying services offered and the cargo portfolio

Improvement of multimodal connections, with the integration of Açu into the rail network

Attracting gas-intensive industries with the existing gas supply and infrastructure, key factors for the installation of gas processing units, fertilizer plants, pellet plants and HBI (hot briquetted iron) production

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