A story of growth

The story of Prumo began to take shape in 2013, when the American fund EIG, a global leader in investments in the energy sector, acquired a majority stake in the largest private port-industrial complex in the country, Porto do Açu. Our group of shareholders also includes Mubadala Investment Company, a United Arab Emirates sovereign fund with a strong presence in Brazil that allocates capital to various segments of the economy.

With the support of strategic global shareholders, Prumo succeeded in structuring partnerships capable of transforming Açu into a world-class platform for sustainable businesses.


As its first mission, Prumo carefully chose the parts that would move the gears of the port: world-class companies, leaders in key sectors of the Brazilian economy, such as gas and energy, oil, iron ore, logistics, port administration and industry.

Our shareholders

Our companies

Our partners

Through its subsidiaries and clients located at Porto do Açu, Prumo contributes to the social and economic development of Brazil and is recognized for its respect for people and the environment and for promoting the country’s energy transition.