At Prumo, we are committed to the highest standards of conduct, putting Ethics and Integrity in everything we do, complying with all applicable laws and regulations. We require this commitment not only from our employees and managers, but also from all third parties involved with the Company, including consultants, agents, representatives, suppliers, customers and partners.

Ethics and Integrity guide all aspects of our work, especially the promotion and protection of the Company’s values and interests. We believe that trust and credibility are key to ensuring the best relationship with employees, customers, suppliers and the broader community.

To ensure ethical and upstanding work, Prumo has a Compliance Program following guidelines provided by the Brazilian Office of the Comptroller General (CGU) and current legislation, based on these pillars:

  1. Commitment from Top Management;
  2. Bodies with stated responsibilities (Compliance and Ethics & Compliance Committee);
  3. Rules and instruments (Conduct and Anti-Corruption Code);
  4. Profile and risk analysis; and
  5. Steady monitoring (Whistle-blower channel).

Click here for our Conduct and Anti-Corruption Code.

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