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Port of Açu

More than a port

The only fully private industrial port complex in operation in Brazil and one of the largest infrastructure investments in the country, Port of Açu has had an outstanding ramp-up since the beginning of its operations in 2014. The port enterprise stands out as an efficient logistic solution to leverage Brazilian competitiveness: has the fourth largest iron ore terminal in Brazil, accounts for more than 30% of Brazilian oil exports, houses what will be the largest thermoelectric power park in Latin America and has the largest offshore support base in the world.

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Responsible for more than 30% of Brazilian oil EXPORTS

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FOURTH LARGEST iron ore terminal in Brazil


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Strategic location

Located in the southeast, the region responsible for 54% of Brazil’s GDP, and near the main oil and gas basins

Integrated solution

Platform ready to drive sustainability and shared value in O&G chains

Unique potential for industrialization

world-class port infrastructure, modern private management, and industrial district distant from large urban centers

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Learn more about companies with facilities in Açu

Operating in Açu since 2014, the company offers a base of environmental protection and offshore logistics to respond to emergencies.

In addition to the most modern flexible pipe factory in the world, the company has a spool base in the Port of Açu.

Global company with a flexible pipe production unit in Açu to support the offshore industry.

This Acteon Group company provides anchoring services for rigs and FPSOs.

The U.S.-based leader in maritime transportation solutions installed the world’s largest offshore support base in Açu.

Company in charge of the port’s administration, offering customized solutions focused on efficiency and safety.

Largest private reserve of the restinga ecosystem in Brazil (40km²), integrates social and environmental initiatives and services.

Occupies 10,000m2 and offers logistic services to Port of Açu clients.

Convenience center for Açu customers, with offices, shops, and a healthcare facility.

Company responsible for the construction of the largest thermal power complex in Latin America; its first plant, UTE GNA I, started operations in 2021.

First company set up in Açu, in 2014, to move iron ore through its Ore Terminal, which connects Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais states.

Focused on extraction and processing of platinum metals; owns 50% of Ferroport, the company in charge of the iron ore terminal.

An affiliate of Prumo Group, the Company carries out an oil transhipment at the Port of Açu Oil Terminal. It is a 100% Prumo company and started operations in 2016. Vast is dedicated to infrastructure and logistical solutions for a safe, clean, efficient, and sustainable liquids operations for the Energy market. 

Ready to operate 460m of quay along the entrance channel of Terminal 2, the company offers logistic, maintenance and repair services for the offshore industry.

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Company with a fuel terminal in Açu to distribute marine fuels, serving ships of all sizes and activities.

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The aerodrome built by the Aeropart group will serve as an offshore support base with capacity for 20 large-sized helicopters.

Base for Ambipar Response and Ambipar Facilities, with environmental management and emergency response solutions covering various segments.

Porto do Açu Operações and Vibra Energia opened the Açu Supply Point in 2021. Vehicles and equipment from companies operating in the port complex can supply diesel, facilitating logistics and reducing costs.

A brand new 35,000 m² yard focused on importing solid fuels for the steel and cement industries. The company will be responsible for investing and managing the yard, with the port operation being carried out by T-MULT in the direct discharge model.

Located inside the industrial port complex, the Açu Hotel is a 64-room hotel with sustainable infrastructure operated by a pioneer in corporate hospitality.