Vídeo - Açu Petróleo realiza 1ª operação com VLCCAçu is the only fully private port-industry complex operating in Brazil. Free from the enormous bureaucracy of state-owned ports, the Açu Port Complex works with an efficient low-cost model that reduces bureaucratic processes, optimizes costs and ensures high productivity for various industries.

Strategically located near the Santos, Campos and Espírito Santos basins and in operation since 2014, Port of Açu is becoming the largest energy hub in Brazil, integrating the oil, gas, naval and petrochemical industries. Such synergy will boost competitiveness in these industries, leveraging facilities that support the entire O&G chain.

With 130 km², Açu has dry and wet areas for development of new companies, businesses and partnerships, with countless possibilities for industrial development. Today, 13 companies are already installed in Açu and more than 15 use its infraestructure. Get to know them below:

Sustainability is one of the strategic pillars of business development at Prumo Group and is the foundation of our long-term commitment to every stakeholder.

Guided by Sustainable Development Goals, our Sustainability strategy has been built in close collaboration with our shareholders, business partners, customers and the communities where we operate. It is through a collaborative and transparent relationship that we seek to turn Açu into the main energy hub in Brazil, offering safe and efficient integrated logistics solutions, taking advantage of our strategic location, top-quality port infrastructure and competitive advantages arising from private investment.
With this shared goal, each Prumo Group company follows corporate guidelines in its strategic planning, with established sustainability goals, ensuring synergies between the businesses.

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