GNA (Gás Natural Açu) is a joint venture between Prumo, BP and Siemens dedicated to the development, implementation and operation of sustainable and foundational energy & gas projects. The company is building Latin America’s largest natural gas-fired thermal power compound at the Açu Port Complex.

In its current phase, the project comprises the implementation of two natural gas-fired combined-cycle thermal power plants (UTE GNA I and UTE GNA II), with capacity to generate 3,000 MW of firm energy for Brazil. Together, the two thermal plants will generate enough power to serve about 14 million homes. The project includes the implementation of a LNG regasification terminal with capacity for 21 million m3/day.

In the second phase, GNA plans to expand its thermal power compound and create the necessary conditions to attract and monetize offshore gas, especially from pre-salt fields, to the Açu Port Complex.

GNA is licensed to double its energy production to as much as 6.4 GW of installed capacity, allowing the development of additional thermal power projects in the future.

All these projects are part of the Açu Gas Hub, a set of private infrastructure solutions to supply natural gas and electricity to the Brazilian market.

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