Corporate guidelines
As well as rigorously complying with social and environmental legislation, Prumo believes that transparency and responsibility are key to conducting its business. For that reason, the company incorporates the three pillars of sustainability to create ventures that are economically viable, environmentally friendly and socially just.
In practice this means:
  • Minimizing interference in the ecosystems it operates in
  • Recuperating degraded areas
  • Monitoring fauna, flora and water and soil quality
  • Ensuring the Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and the resulting Environmental Impact Reports (RIMA) that underpin its projects since conception are of suitable quality
  • Partnering with the government to support the public infrastructure improvements required by the ventures, and
  • Maintaining a harmonious relationship with the communities it operates in

Prumo has a Sustainability Board and an Environmental and Social Board, which advises on the implementation of sustainable practices in the group companies' operations.​

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