Sustainable management

Prumo believes that its ventures should be implemented in accordance with the pillars of sustainability. Its activities are always therefore carried out with respect for environmental legislation, based on dialogue and a transparent relationship with the public and the communities it operates in.

The company complies with the applicable environmental legislation and internal sustainability requisites, in the pursuit of economic and social development without neglecting environmental concerns.

Since 2007, the activities developed in the Açu Port Complex have generated more than R$ 66 million in ISS (green taxes) for the municipality of São João da Barra. In addition, R$ 202 million in social and environmental initiatives were disbursed by the companies installed in the Port Complex.

Get to know some highlights of the Sustainability area

In the environmental area, specifically, Prumo develops a series of programs in the region of Açu Port. Among them is the voluntary institution of the RPPN Caruara, with 40 km², which is the largest private reserve for protection of the restinga fauna and flora of the country. In the place are planted the seedlings produced in a specific nursery for this ecosystem. Only in 2016, one million seedlings were produced in the nursery and more than 750,000 were planted directly in the reserve to recompose the biome. In addition, the creation and maintenance of the RPPN has made it possible to produce scientific studies on this ecosystem through scientific research partnerships with different public and private institutions, such as Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden, UERJ, UENF and UFF , And, in addition, increased the collection of ICMS Verde of the State of Rio de Janeiro by the municipality of São João da Barra. In two years, the municipality received R$ 3.2 million in environmental taxes. Click here and learn more about our environmental actions.

Another program developed by the company is the monitoring of sea turtles, in which monitors run daily 62 km of beach registering any occurrence. The program meets the technical guidelines of the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio) - Tamar and the State Environmental Institute (INEA);

- Actions are also developed to strengthen family farming and consequent increase in income. Among them are the donation of tractors, trucks and micro-buses to associations of rural producers, the installation of greenhouses and eco-sustainable vegetable gardens, and training courses for farmers. Click here and learn more about our social and cultural activities.

 In partnership with the Industrial Development Company of Rio de Janeiro (CODIN) and the Municipality of São João da Barra, Prumo built Vila da Terra, a model of rural settlement. The place is destined to families expropriated for the creation of the Industrial District of São João da Barra, in implantation by CODIN. Currently Vila da Terra has 53 families assisted in the Resettlement Program. The houses were delivered furnished and the residents receive the land already prepared for cultivation, with the soil treated and fertilized, in addition to an orchard with fruit trees for their own consumption;

The activities and developments developed in the Açu Port Complex receive a series of inspections of state authorities and agencies of the different entities of the federation, and Prumo strictly observes the rules and laws that affect its activities. Periodically the company and its activities are audited and audited by federal, state and municipal authorities such as Antaq, Brazilian Navy, Federal Revenue Service, and INEA, among others;

Since 2013, with the change of control, Prumo has a compliance area, which systematically carries out the training and training of employees. In order to facilitate the channel of dialogue with the community, Prumo has a Call Center through 0800 7290810, which runs daily from 08h to 20h. Listening to the community is a priority for ​Prumo.

See below information about the sustainable development projects Prumo is implementing.​